Hi, I’m Kelly.

Content writer and social media manager.

From the moment I could read and write, I’ve always loved words. My degree in English Literature didn’t put me off, despite all that reading (!) and now I’m lucky that I get to spend my days helping businesses large and small promote their brands through the power of words, online and in print. Social media goes with the job of marketing and PR these days and I’m skilled in this area too.

Over the course of my career I’ve helped launch magazines, established copy style guides, devised crisis communications strategies, written content for websites, issued countless press releases and implemented many successful social media campaigns.

When I’m not working you’ll find me with a book in one hand, glass of my favourite Belgian beer in the other, or exploring the beautiful Northamptonshire countryside that we’re lucky to have on our doorstep with our two boys.

Why choose me?

I’ve made a career out of writing. I’ve worked on busy subs desks at local newspapers, won awards for my proofreading skills on consumer magazines and have taken the lead on media relations and internal communications for the further education college that I once attended to study my A levels.

I upgraded my skills in 2017 so I could include social media training and management as part of my offering and now, thanks to continued investment in the relevant skills, I have a proven track record in helping clients get success on platforms including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Want to know more?

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